Flowers with Meaning

As a floral designer, I'm always thinking of color shape and movement. I study the color wheel with every design and make sure everything is representative of the mood trying to be attached. I think of how the flowers look in person and how they are picked up by the camera. There's a LOT that goes into building the floral design for a wedding. However.... Where I fall short is the meaning. As a designer, I tend to get stuck in my own head. It wasn't until I met my spring bride who loves calla lilies and all of a sudden just like that... it clicked. My nanna was a very special person in my life and HER favorite flowers were calla lilies. Nanna was the most radiant soul you would ever come across. Her laughter was contagious and her smile could light up a room. She was the biggest cheerleader for everyone and had an adventurous soul well into her 80s. Callas are special to me. So to my client thank you. You don't know it but you helped me get out of my own head. Because of this, I am able to set aside my color theory and put a single white rose and two yellow roses in a bridal bouquet to honor family members who have passed. What a beautiful way to put meaning with flowers.